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Back in 2015 I ran a blog entitled ‘Living in the Dopey Country’. I didn’t think it could get more stupid than that, but i was wrong. In 2017 Australia is even more stupid than it was in 2015.

We’re seriously helping build a vast coal mine in Queensland that will be run by a mob that is best described as shady and is already committed to shelving its profits offshore.

The nation’s domestic gas and electricity power supply was privatised and we were told it would create competition and prices would fall. Guess what?

Even worse, while the rest of the world is helping people put in solar systems, to ease the burden on power stations and to reduce emissions, most Australian governments actively discourage solar power, saying it harms the base-load power suppliers.

How embarrassing is it that Tesla’s Elon Musk has taken pity on us stupid Aussies and offered to solve South Australia’s power issues.

We’re also in the process of letting foreign natural gas miners frack under our farmland, threatening artesian water, so they can export it to make huge profits while we pay through the nose for what should be our right.

Australia is the only gas exporting country that doesn’t have a domestic supply quarantine. Even worse, we’ve geared the export deal royalties to gas company profits, not to export volume, like sensible countries do.

We’re blessed with inland open spaces that could easily host vast solar arrays and and wind farms, to produce cheap power, but we’re too stupid to do it. When one state tries to increase its renewable energy system it gets sabotaged by the power companies, with the Federal Government’s blessing.

Every government in the developed world  – except Australia – and even some developing countries, have subsidies that encourage the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles. The electric vehicle revolution is coming at a rapid pace, but it’s bypassing Australia.

The stupidity of letting foreign investors buy up our land and housing is partially seen in ridiculously high real estate prices in our major cities. But we can’t blame foreigners for stupid laws that reward some people for buying investment properties and penalise those who simply want to buy their own house.

No wonder voters are turning to the loony fringe in frustration, but politicians are too stupid to see what’s happening.

Hopefully, we’ve reached our level of incompetence and the next generation will remedy these ills. However, watching them walk into lamp posts or drive their cars over cliffs while texting leaves me in doubt…

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